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Title:   Best Worst Movie
Director:   Michael Stephenson
Year:   2009
Genre:   Documentary
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   01.18.11

Other Movies Seen By This Director (1)
- The American Scream

Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
01.18.11DVD A documentary half about the movie Troll 2 and half about the star of said movie, George Hardy. The Troll2 half of the film could probably be replaced by any cult film but it's notable for me because the Alamo Drafthouse had a part in it and several dudes I know were on screen (go, Zack!). The real interesting stuff is with Hardy, who by all accounts is a super nice guy who happened to be in this ridiculous movie 20 years ago.

Fame is a test. This movie is George Hardy taking that test. His "you don't piss on hospitality!" line recital makes a great through-line where at first a gigantic crowd has to egg him into it, then he kind of gets comfortable with it when playing around with the actors in the house, and finally ends up thrusting it on people who neither know or care. Seeing George at Horrorfest walking around in disgust really made me root for him. I ultimately feel like he passes the test, being at peace with his dental practice and not chasing the limelight any further, but the last line really tells us all that fame always wins.

So that aspect of the film is really interesting. Seeing George react to a spark of adoration and rooting for the movie not to end up like Overnight or Waiting for Guffman. The other stuff is good as well.
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