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Title:   The Book of Eli
Director:   Hughes Brothers
Year:   2010
Genre:   Apocalypse
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   03.09.11

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03.09.11Netflix I love Post Apocalyptic movies. I really wanted to love this, and ended up liking most of it. I had major problems with the end of course. I was with it even after we find out what the book is and all that. It's really just Alcatraz. What a horrible place to make shelter. There's no water there. Did they figure out how to desalinize or something? When I was on the Alcatraz tour like fifteen years ago they said that the reason for its closing was cost. The salt in the air erodes everything. There's no water, no food, and no way to get anything on there except by boat. It doesn't work as a shelter and certainly not as an archive. And Eli's condition was bullshit. I guess Denzel is as badass as Rutger Hauer but I immediately questioned half of his scenes, like when he just walks up and talks to a guy or when he crosses the room to open the door for Mila Kunis or even how he knows that Jennifer Beals is blind. I didn't buy it and it completely took me out of the movie (although to be fair I was already out of it thinking about how horrible Alcatraz is as a safehouse location).

Aside from that, it was pretty good. Heavy Fallout vibe, complete with cannibalism sub-plot. Oldman was great, I love how Denzel will take a role like this, Ray Stenvenson seems to be pigeon-holed quite nicely as the menacing henchman. I liked how there was no narration in the beginning telling us that there was some nuclear superwar. The Hughes Brothers are still worth watching to me (going back to Dead Presidents even though there are a few flaws with that film as well). I was well-warned that this has crap elements so I don't feel too disappointed. It certainly had moments (although bad CG grenades suck ass).
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