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Title:   The Final Cut
Director:   Omar Naim
Year:   2004
Genre:   Science Fiction
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   05.29.05

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05.29.05Netflix This is one of those movies that seems to go direct to video even though it has a good cast, an awesome crew, and an interesting premise. I guess sci-fi is just out of vogue these days unless there are explosions or hip pop culture jokes or something. Half the time these types of movies are shelved because they are horrendous, but every once in a while you get an honest-to-goodness decent movie that you then get to tell all your friends about how awesome it is even though the gun kata is really lame or Willen Dafoe plays the oddest homosexual police detective ever.

This movie is totally a movie-person's dream idea of sci-fi. Editors everywhere probably love this movie. They WISH their avid setup was named something as cool as "the guillotine." Basically, the idea is that in the future you can buy an implant for your baby that will record what he sees and hears for his entire life. Then, when he kicks the bucket, all that footage will get turned over to a "cutter" who will pick out the juiciest bits and put it together like a movie so you can always remember him. Of course, they cut out all the naughty bits and make it look like he was all puppy dogs and ice cream. Sort of like Strange Days but not as strange or post-apocalyptic.

It's a pretty decent movie. I'd say it's better than a lot of what gets released wide, that's for sure. Yeah, the name is goofy and not good at all, but thanks to that stellar crew, the movie looks really nice and is acted pretty well, aside from Caviezel's fake beard that is. It has enough cool ideas to keep it interesting and perhaps most notably, it ends pretty well. That was a surprise for me...
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