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Title:   The Yellow Sea
Director:   Nong-jim Na
Year:   2010
Genre:   Action
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   09.25.11

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09.25.11Alamo South LamarThis Screening is part of event: FantasticFest 2011
I can feel these notes getting shorter as I burn through them. Sorry. I'm trying to get caught up and not have a week's worth waiting for me at the end. OK, Sunday morning. Another two and a half hour movie, this time a Korean action movie about some weird border area between China and Korea. A guy in debt agrees to travel to Seoul to kill someone in order to erase his debts. Complications occur.

So, after the first hour or so, the movie really picks up with pretty constant car chases and knife fights. If someone's not getting stabbed or chopped, they're running or driving after someone. It's all done very well, with an amazing amount of knife violence. I'm actually not sure I've seen more knife violence in a single movie. It gets overwhelming and exhausting by the end, which completely works because the protagonist is as well. The problem is, I was so wrung out that I'm not sure I understand the ending. Spoiler zone for my probably-wrong deductions:

so... he was gonna kill the agent who hired the third band of assassins (the ones who crashed into him in the garage but then the one guy fell and died while swinging the shovel) when he saw his wife and figured out that his wife was the one who wanted him dead? no? I don't know...

Anyway, a mostly-awesome action movie; another solid effort from Korea.
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