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Title:   The Eternal Evil of Asia
Director:   Man Kei Chin
Year:   1995
Genre:   Horror
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   09.27.11

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09.27.11Alamo South LamarThis Screening is part of event: FantasticFest 2011
Third Movies on Fire title, this one a sleazy horror movie involving weird voodoo enchantments. Grady's intros get more and more informative. Tonight he told us about the rpactice of midnight movies, where filmmakers would show their films on Thursday nights just before release, and drive an editor around from screening to screening to see what didn't work. It was too late to master another print but the editor would physically cut out scenes that were deemed too boring by the rowdy midnight crowds and that contributed to the Hong Kong craziness we see now. Grady called them the "crystal meth of movies" and "black holes of films" and I found both descriptions to be apt.

So the movie... It's about a group of guys that visit Thailand and wind up accidentally killing a witch dude's horny sister. For revenge, he comes to Hong Kong and fucks with them with different curses and hexes until most are dead. I kind of forget the ending because I was zoning out and trying to stay awake. So... at one point the witch dude turns a guy into a literal dickhead (a phallic prosthetic put over the guys head, leaving only his face) and when he's scared he squirts piss out of the top of his head. Also, he fights a couple of witches (as in the evil witches are a couple) that spawn an evil placenta that encases him and tries to turn him into a baby and melt him into water and blood. Then they perform a flying spinning attack while in 69 position then start raining down explosions as fly around in doggy position. It's kind of a crazy battle.

Despite my grogginess, I was firmly aware that this was still more cohesive than last night's film, and a truly bizarre oddity that I was very grateful to see. What a crazy crazy movie.

Also, before the movie there were trailers, most without english subs. The one that got huge laughs however was a film titled "Raped by an Angel 3 Sexual Fantasy of the Chief Executive." Classic stuff.

So... I'm officially tired. Two days left including a weekday midnight that I'm somehow going to do. I pity my co-workers Thursday morning, and frequently look to my "OOTO ALL DAY" appointment on my Outlook calendar for strength to get me through. Fantastic Fest, you are winning... but I will survive you!
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