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Title:   Comic-Con Episode Four: A Fan's Hope
Director:   Morgan Spurlock
Year:   2011
Genre:   Documentary
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   09.29.11

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09.29.11Alamo South LamarThis Screening is part of event: FantasticFest 2011
Closing Night film! Spurlock wasn't here for it but Harry had the producer and several of the main subjects in attendance. There was a shitload of reserved seats... I guess when you're in full Mass Effect cosplay it's hard to stuff into just one seat.

Anyway, the movie was ok. It's exactly what you think a comic-con doc would be. Eccentric people and costumes. People running for toys, lining up for Kevin Smith panels, and buying comics. Throw in celebrity interviews and you have a doc I guess. There were funny moments but nothing too memorable. Everybody's favorite line seemed to be from this old comic seller from Denver when he said "A woman telling you to grow up is God's sign to look for a new woman." They couldn't have seeded a better audience for this movie, except maybe in comic-con itself. It went over well here but I can totally see it showing on Starz or Encore or something.

So that's that. final film! Afterward, a bunch of us went over to the carnival/closing night film which, while just being a few minutes away, was surprisingly large I thought. They had a stage setup with a DJ, several adult-size bouncy attractions (like a velcro wall and bouncy castles and shit), free Shiner and Tequila punch, and a buffet of fair-like cholesterol food including fried bacon, fried butter, and a queso fountain. Inside were several empty rooms and an upstairs devoted to Karaoke. I missed the remote location and room to move around from last year, but after a while got used to it and enjoyed a pretty decent DJ set. Some guy had taken up residence in a small inflatable pool and looked a fool dancing alone. They brought in performers dressed up in superhero costumes to juggle or dance with their weird light sticks or walk around talking to people in character and stuff. Actually, a surprising amount of people dressed up, including a guy with a taco costume. He walked in a room we were in at one point and yelled "hey! Taco cat is a palindrome! fuck off!" and left. that was randomly hilarious.

It was good to let loose a little bit before having to say goodbye to everyone. The winnders of the new lottery system for next year's VIP badges were announced this morning so I was a bit bummed that neither me nor most of my friends got in. So this could very well be my last Fantastic Fest event, which is crap. So I acted stupid for a while and enjoyed the music and company before heading home absolutely exhausted out of my mind.

Once again, Fantastic Fest proved to be a fun time despite the break from reality and mad dash of working mornings. I do hope I get a badge for next year but it seems like more than a few die-hard regulars might get shut out. I hope that isn't the case though... this has been a really fun week.

so let's see... favorites?

1. Clown
2. El Infierno
3. A Boy and his Samurai
4. Take Shelter
5. New Kids Turbo
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