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Title:   Crazy Heart
Director:   Scott Cooper
Year:   2009
Genre:   Non-Musical Music Film
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   11.06.11

Other Movies Seen By This Director (3)
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- Hostiles
- Out of the Furnace

Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
11.06.11DVRThis Screening is part of event: DVRfest 2011
This year's DVRfest closer is on the schedule solely for Jeff Bridges. I'm really not a bit country music guy which led this to falling through my considerable cinematic cracks when it came out, but it was on at one random point and I thought it'd be worth seeing for Bridges' performance. I'm not wrong, of course, and the rest of the movie is tolerable too.

I'm being a bit harsh. It's a good movie. I loved seeing solid names in the cast pop up pretty deep in the film. Although Maggie Gyllenhaal's charms have always worked at like half power for me, she did alright here. It's really Bridges' movie though. He's really just on fire these days, right? I loved how the film begins with him cursing a bowling alley.

I'm actually kind of surprised by how much I liked this. Some of these "Oscar" movies get so bloated with praise that I'm almost guaranteed to dislike them, especially actor vehicles like this one. This was good though, which was good.

Hmm... Not much else to say. It's late Sunday and to be honest I want to get a few HBO shows in before I hit the hey. I'm a little sad that this was yet another year of trying to fit the fest in among normal weekend activities. With any luck, I'll have a second DVR in my little man cave for next year and will give it a little more respect. I'd love to get back to the grandeur of the first three years. Wait, did I say all of this last year? I think I did. Shit...

So stats: 7 movies in the past week, 9 in the past month, 87 (ouch!) in the past year, 2237 since the site started. An average of 1 movie per day, 0.3 per month, 0.24 per year, and 0.88 global. At least this year I didn't have a month with no movies like last year, although I only saw 1 in June so I don't know why I'm bragging. Huh. Thank goodness for FantasticFest; it's just about doubling my averages lately.

Depressing stats aside, I still enjoy watching movies and I'm more grateful than ever for keeping notes on them. Here's to hoping I keep this going for another 7 years! Pervy old Bogdanovich would be proud.
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