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Title:   Jurassic Park
Director:   Steven Spielberg
Year:   1993
Genre:   Adventure
Times Seen:   2
Last Seen:   07.04.15

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Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
07.04.15DVD Molly and I are played LEGO Jurassic Park which is having its intended effect in that I feel like both revisiting the first three and seeing the new one. It's kind of funny to me how this movie is generally regarded these days as very good. My own initial impression was colored by how awesome the book was and how much awesome stuff from the book got left out of the movie (i think this is maybe the first time I had that reaction which is why it's so memorable), but on further viewings I've come to accept it for what it is. But I feel like maybe for people just a few years younger than me that were still "kids" when it came out this stands as a childhood classic.

Which is funny because there's some really dumb shit in here. I'm thinking of Sam Jackson's arm and the unix system and the sudden cliff in the Tyrannosaur paddock and Laura Dern's running and the dinosaur snot and the electric fence climb and a handful of other things. On the other hand, what's done well is done really well so I can understand how the relatively minor offenses are dismissed. But still, every second of Jeff Goldblum's performance keeps it from being completely serious for me (Molly's words while watching him on screen: "It must be fun to be Jeff Goldblum").

But you know... landmark CGI, top notch practical effects, the park design is amazing, Sam Jackson and Wayne Knight are great, Sam Neill, John William's theme, and above all else the freakin dinosaurs really do make this movie stand out. I still don't understand why they'd even breed the velociraptors if they're just going to keep them in that crazy pen with all that vegetation but whatever.
12.25.11Friend's House Merry Christmas!
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