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Title:   Jurassic Park III
Director:   Joe Johnston
Year:   2001
Genre:   Adventure
Times Seen:   2
Last Seen:   07.11.15

Other Movies Seen By This Director (1)
- Captain America: The First Avenger

Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
07.11.15DVD Maybe it's just because I think this one's better than the second one, but I have sort of a soft spot for this movie. I think it's lean, well-paced, and relatively devoid of stupid shit. It does feel like "just another movie" compared to the grandeur of the first and the sequel-ness of the second, but the kid isn't annoying, I like Sam Neill, and they finally get around to pterodactyls or pteranodons or whatever the hell they are. And I'm not sure who did the effects but the line between practical and digital is harder to see here than in the previous two.
12.25.11Friend's House Merry Christmas!
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