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Title:   Thor
Director:   Kenneth Branagh
Year:   2011
Genre:   Comic Book
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   03.03.12

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- Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
03.03.12Netflix Well I'll give it this. It's a super comic book-y comic book movie. The stuff in weird Asgard is way better than the Earth stuff. Can't believe Natalie Portman is in this. It's still pretty goofy but hey that's Marvel. Not bad at all really in the context of all these Marvel movies. I really do like how they're doing crossover with an over-arcing story via after-the-credits sequences and shared characters. The rest of my notes contain spoilers:

Why does America think Stellan Skarsgaard is an asshole? I'm not sure I've seen him be NOT an evil douche in any english-language movie. In that FantasticFest film I saw though, he was a quiet unassuming guy and it was a great performance! Is it his accent that makes people think he's so un-trustworthy? or his haircut or something? I just wish someone in this country would use him as non-skeevy. It almost happened here.

And it was cool to see Hawkeye. It came as a surprise to me so the beginning of that scene where you see a hand grab a bow rather than a sniper rifle was hilarious, but then you see whatshisname and it all clicks together.
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