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Title:   Bronson
Director:   Nicolas Winding Refn
Year:   2008
Genre:   Biopic
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   04.27.12

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- Only God Forgives

Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
04.27.12Netflix So I finially watched this, thanks in large part to Victor since this was basically assigned homework for a podcast we're starting (BREAKING NEWS! it's called Sports and Milk, look for it soon!). When it played FantasticFest I more or less dismissed it as a festival movie even after everyone who saw it told me it was good. Then when Tom Hardy kind of blew up in Inception and Warrior and the opcoming Dark Knight Rises I thought I should go back and see this... then didn't. until now!

So I guess it's not exactly a secret that this movie is built on the powerhouse performance of Tom Hardy. Before watching I thought it would be very similar to Eric Bana's performance in Chopper, and while I still see major similarities between the two films, this performance and direction style are very much different. I mean, not so different that they aren't both films about interesting and brutal career prison inmates who excel at violence, but after watching I see Chopper as super-Australian and this as super-European. Refn seems like he's a Kubrick fan. Lots of solitary tableau shots, kind of like one of the cooler trends on the internet lately to make animated gifs of movie scenes that are barely animated. Lots of that in this movie when Hardy's not fighting naked. I'd say it's like 30% still shots of guards standing there or a packed theater watching the camera, 30% Tom Hardy fighting, and 40% Tom Hardy fighting naked.

Good movie. It didn't pluck my own personal strings to elevate it to "love" i don't think, but I can definitely recognize the style and certainly the tour de force performance on display.
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