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Title:   Exporting Raymond
Director:   Philip Rosenthal
Year:   2010
Genre:   Documentary
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   07.02.12

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07.02.12DVR The creator and EP of Everybody Loves Raymond travels to Russia to try and consult on a Russian version of the show. Cultural difference-oriented hijinks ensue.

Aside from a general question of why he's even there and what stake does he have in it to even care how it comes out (I guess other than the money he'd get for selling scripts and maybe through a consulting contract for Sony Pictures or something. oh yeah and pride in his show), I liked this doc pretty well. The outrageous Russianisms are kind of to be expected, but Rosenthal's blatant awe unhiding expressive face make everything seem real and not shown to me for a joke. Particularly the scene where his driver takes him to the Russian Military museum and they talk about his history of service. That and the scene where he eats dinner at some family's house are really key scenes that elevate it from the expected "hey aren't Russians funny!?" to an actual travelogue for Rosenthal.

Plus I'm super jealous because Adam Carolla always mentions how Rosenthal has an amazing house with a home theater and he has movie nights where he gets people to come talk about the films that they watch. How I wish i was somehow in that club... sigh...
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