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Title:   It Might Get Loud
Director:   Davis Guggenheim
Year:   2008
Genre:   Documentary
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   07.06.12

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Notes History
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07.06.12Netflix Jimmy Page, The Edge, and Jack White get together to chit chat, talk guitars, and jam. I've never been a huge guitar guy (my personal interests tend toward drums then bass then singing then like... theremin, musical saw, and mouth-harp... then guitar) but I must say that for as completely guitar-nerdy that it is, this doc is strong enough and to hold your interest if you're a fan of rock music at all.

I can easily see the connection between Page and White's styles through the Blues but The Edge is a real interesting choice for the middle generation between the two. I'm not sure I can think of a better choice but The Edge certainly seemed like a surprise at first. His style is completely antithetical to the other two at first, but the doc does a good job of using him to explore the different boundaries and avenues guitarists can take their instrumet. Like I said, complete guitar-nerd stuff. I did find it interesting to hear The Edge talk about Punk music and rebelling against these indulgent 70s rock guys with their 15-minute solos and think that Page was more or less the Progenitor of that whole movement. Like The Song Remains The Same doesn't have a goddamn 30-minute version of Dazed and Confused. At another time in the movie, Page starts playing the Whole Lotta Love riff and you see both other guys can't help but become total fanboys. The Edge even gets up just to stand closer and watch. Jack Black has to cover his face because he can't help but smile. These guys, important in their own right, still bow down to Page. Moments like these really showcase the three generations on display here and make you geek out for them all.

The last shot is also great. The camera pulls back as all three are in the midst of an acoustic jam to show the entire crew standing off to the side watching. The perk for this gig is getting to be there and watch these guys together. I get the sense that's why this movie exists... the filmmakers are huge fans and had some excuse to put them in a room together and I can't blame them. I got a bunch of enjoyment out of it.
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