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Title:   Resurrect Dead
Director:   Jon Foy
Year:   2011
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   07.10.12

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Date Viewed Venue Note
07.10.12Netflix Toynbee Idea
In Kubrick's 2001
Resurrect Dead
On Planet Jupiter

This is a doc about these mysterious tiles that appear on various streets around Philly and really the whole east coast. I was not familiar about these until hearing about it on The Film Vault podcast. That made me curious enough to watch it. It's a detective story where a group of misfits obsessed with these tiles tries to track down who's behind them.

The movie's ok. It's a little thin if you don't find the subject that interesting or have no direct experience with them and unfortunately neither the investigators or the investigatee are interesting enough to carry your interest like Winnebago Man. For me, the various clues and steps along the way were enough to hold me but the ending is a bit... well... I'm sure everybody involved hoped for a stronger ending. Eh... maybe because Dear Zachary's still on my brain but I didn't love this. I didn't dislike it either but I have a hard time saying much more than that.
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