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Title:   Transformers: Dark of the Moon
Director:   Michael Bay
Year:   2011
Genre:   Action
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   07.14.12

Other Movies Seen By This Director (7)
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- Ambulance
- Bad Boys II
- The Island
- Pain & Gain
- Transformers
- Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
07.14.12Netflix I guess you could say it's better than the first two but still well below the level I'd call good. At least I could tell what's going on... this one is also clearly the most blatant kid's-movie type demographic too. You knw, from watching the original G.I. Joe movie recently... these Hasbro franchises are for kids. They make no sense to adults so maybe we shouldn't expect them to. Oh yeah except Michael Bay spends like 200 million dollars on it so the whole world has to like it. There's that. This was pretty crappy.

I wonder where Bay's career will go. I remember the thrill of seeing people falling out of the exploding building in the trailer for Armageddon and that movie's script and story are ridiculous without the effects. Since these amazing visual effects are now more or less de rigeur and not really thrilling audiences on their own anymore, I wonder... The effects in this movie are really good but it doesn't really do much for me since everything else is so stupid. Bad Boys 2 will probably end up being his best movie, right?
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