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Title:   Chronicle
Director:   Josh Trank
Year:   2012
Genre:   Science Fiction
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   07.22.12

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07.22.12Netflix I think I've mentioned this before but I had an idea a long time ago for a really realistic take on people with super powers. It kind of spawned from me wishing I could TK idiots off the road and leave their cars in ditches while i drove in peace. Anyway, then Heroes came along and then i feel like several more came along, the latest being this. A trio of high school kids find a meteor in the woods and touch it and get awesome powers. The problem is one kid is from a problematic home so thanks to his mom's cancer and his dad's drunken abuse he kind of becomes a super villain.

This is also a "found footage" movie along the lines of Blair Witch and Diary of the Dead.

There was a lot to like about this movie but also a lot that I didn't like. First the good:

-Glad to see Wallace!
-The climactic fight scene was maybe the best use of found footage that i've seen. They switch between helicopter cameras, security cameras, news cameras, police car dsahboard cameras, private citizen phone cameras, and whatever else they could think of to capture the events. It's really impressive.
-The ideas and basic plot of the film is pretty sweet

Now the bad:
-Everywhere but the climactic fight scene the camera thing is really forced and constantly explained so that we don't for one second think it's just a normal movie
-The dialogue and most of the acting is atrocious. I mean really really bad. I think they yelled each others' names like 300 times. It was a pain to sit through consistently horrible lines delivered by kids more or less.
-the kid's evil turn is kind of sudden. the apex predator monologue is facepalm-worthy.

So... it was a good idea laced with crappy dialogue performed sub-par. I think there's probably more good than bad here though.

I wonder if I should just write my damn idea down and trunk it for 10 years until the idea seems fresh again...
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