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Title:   The Dark Knight Rises
Director:   Christopher Nolan
Year:   2012
Genre:   Comic Book
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   07.27.12

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Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
07.27.12Bullock IMAX Skipped out of work early to see this at the IMAX. I feel like... I don't care about 3D at all, there's not really many movies I HAVE to see theatrically anymore, and I'll enjoy most things just as well on my couch or computer screen... but Nolan shooting 70mm will get me in an IMAX seat.

I'm kind of surprised this isn't sold out straight for weeks. I remember having to plan a week or so out for Dark Knight but I guess this isn't catching on like wildfire like the last one. I don't think my screening was sold out.

Anyway, so that's why it says IMAX rather than Netflix or DVR. How's the movie? Well I managed to remain opinion-free on the film, that is to say I didn't listen or read anyone's reaction other than they liked it or didn't like it. The plot is taken in part from pretty famous batman storylines so I wouldn't say I was completely in the dark about what to expect but still for a movie this anticipated I did pretty well in not spoiling myself. I wanted to go in with tempered expectations of a good movie. Not an outstanding movie but a good movie. I think that's what I got. So... there are massive spoilers from here on out. be warned.

I love that Nolan's Batman franchise is not episodic in any way. I can't remember if Falconi and all the other crime bosses got killed at the end of the last one or not, but I feel like specific attention was paid to bring back previous characters to make the world more consistent. This one unifies with the first movie to make the second one the outlier, but I think there's no other way to tie an ongoing brand like Batman up with any sort of finality other than limiting the scope to what you've already introduced. Killing off the villians also helps.

So with all that in mind, I thought it was a good end to the trilogy. It's not the phenomenon that The Dark Knight was, but I think it's still better than Batman Begins and it accomplishes something that I don't think I've ever seen in a comic book movie to date: a good ending.

Oh and I absolutely loved that William Devane was the president. How awesome would that be in real life? OK probably terrible but just for a second it would be great. He makes a fantastic movie president.

So yeah... Maybe I didn't spoil anything, who knows. Anyway, my initial reactions are that I enjoyed it quite a bit. I loved the image quality that 70mm brings. The cityscapes, beginning plane sequence, driving stuff, and whatever else the shot were all really good. It's a subtle effect the first time through when you're absorbed in the story to notice the grain switch back and forth but I feel like it's a great subtle effect that leaves people saying "why doesn't Movie X look as good as that Batman one?" Really phenomenal to see a technology used to its fullest.

Oh right. I really really thought that Catwoman would ruin this. She didn't. There were a handful more complete boner comic book lines than in previous films though so I'm glad there won't be a fourth (please I hope there's no Robin movie) because it definitely was on a slope toward typical kids-movie stuff. The maturity and realism of this series is what will set it apart in the history books and I felt like they were playing pretty close to the line a few times here.
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