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Title:   Contagion
Director:   Steven Soderbergh
Year:   2011
Genre:   Virus
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   09.08.12

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Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
09.08.12Netflix Holy shit. Watching this movie made me feel like my throat was getting sore. I felt myself getting sick as the film went on. Nutso. I found this movie to be terrifying. There's a flash game called Pandemic where you craft a micro-organism and attempt to wipe out the world population. It's a morbid subject but kind of fun and known for how difficult it is to infect Madagascar. Playing that is fun enough but I'm not sure I'll be playing any more after watching this movie.

When I was in high school I read The Hot Zone. It was a hot topic in the news because Ebola Zaire was found in monkeys in Reston, Va. which was about an hour from where I went to school and a lot of the military microbiology labs resided in the army fort in the town where I lived. That fort coincidentally was rumored (and I believe it's true although my details may be off a bit) to have a building that had an anthrax contamination so they just sealed the entire building in concrete for 50 years or something until the virus is definitely dead.

The movie Outbreak came out which was generalized Hollywood bullshit but had a few good sequences (like where it followed a sicko's sneeze-spit into the air ducts of a movie theater) but ended in an absurd showdown or something and somehow Dustin Hoffman injecting a cure into Rene Russo who's on the brink of death but somehow gains a full recovery 28 seconds after being injected. That movie wasn't really as effective at conveying the silent inevitable death from a virus as the book did.

We haven't heard much about viruses lately, flash games aside. I feel like this movie does an excellent job at conveying the shitstorm that some major bug would bring. I really was terrified and basically just waiting for everybody in the movie to die. Except Matt Damon. But once anyone caught the bug I was sure they would be the one who successfully fought it off and got better. until they died then I was sure everyone else was gonna get infected too. It made for a very tense 100 minutes. The music was great, the photography was great. Really smart concise direction. No-nonsense acting from a stellar cast. God. Really affecting.

Loved it.
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