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Title:   Cloud Atlas
Director:   Andy Wachowski, Lana Wachowski, Tom Tykwer
Year:   2012
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   09.26.12

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09.26.12Alamo South LamarThis Screening is part of event: FantasticFest 2012
So... I've actually put this off as the last note to write about Fantastic Fest. It's currently October 11th so... it's been several weeks since I've seen it so it's nowhere even close to a first impression, but I also wanted enough mental space to talk about this as long as I want to without the rest of the fest weighing down on me.

Oh, and I haven't read the book, fyi.

So... Cloud Atlas. Huge. Ambitious. Epic. Grand. Confident. Success.

This is a movie, much like The Fountain or other movies that sort of connect stories through space and time by common themes and also those movies where actors play multiple parts, is a movie that strides to be truly universal and say something as big as humanity itself. It's a story of everything being connected, not such that it's people's ancestor or even common souls as such but more like how people pop up and life folds in on itself. It's not shy about aiming for the fences and is so audacious with its interwined story that I feel like a lot of its success comes from the mere fact that it doesn't fail at what it's trying to do.

So... geez. How do I even talk about this movie? I guess I'll start with the bad.

-Some of the make-up really threw me off. Particularly anything with the Asian girl. Her mexican lady was kind of a joke.

-I didn't really love how all of Hugh Grant's and Hugo Weaving's parts were antagonists. I wish they would've mixed it up a bit more and had everybody play good and bad guys rather than keeping things so on the nose.


Overall it's a really remarkable film. My main memories are of how well every story thread is woven together and how everything makes multiple levels of sense and how great a lot of the make-up is. Jim Broadbent is fantastic, Ben Whishaw is fantastic, Tom Hanks is really great. The future stuff is still a little wonky with its future-speak but whatever. He actually pulls of the cockney tough guy which astounds me because I think he looks utterly ridiculous in the still photos I've seen of him in that character. The music's great, the editing is superb, the style is unique and as big as the subject matter... everything is just... really hard not to gush about.

Loved it.
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