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Title:   Batman Begins
Director:   Christopher Nolan
Year:   2005
Genre:   Comic Book
Times Seen:   3
Last Seen:   07.12.08

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- The Dark Knight Rises
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Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
07.12.08DVD Seeing this again in antici..................pation of The Dark Knight (even though I didn't get into the Monday screening like all the cool kids in town and I probably wont end up seeing it for at least another week after it's out). I still like this one... good actors.
12.30.05DVD I still think this is my favorite after Burton's first one and really only like that one more because of Nicholson (who outshines to the point of hurting the movie but oh well...)... i still like the whole nightmare imagery design but after seeing what McKean did with Mirrormask... this could have been so much darker and closer to the Arkham Asylum graphic novel. Still though, for a comic book movie it's pretty decently intelligent and the tumbler continues to kick ass. those action sequences though... jesus christ how about a lens wider than 250mm, buddy? oh and a light here or there would be nice considering we're watching a guy wearing a matte black bodysuit supposedly kick peoples asses at night... I'm lucky to make out an elbow here or there
06.16.05Cinemark Pflugerville Aside from the usual cripes i have regarding modern-day action movies (way too close and cutty, can't tell what the hell is going on), I think this is a really good movie. Certainly the best Batman since Burton's first. Bale is like, super intense with his batman voice. like, I'd hate to be that guy's accountant and have to tell him that he's lost money or something.
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