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Title:   Hitchcock
Director:   Sacha Gervasi
Year:   2012
Genre:   Movie About Movies
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   07.29.13

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07.29.13Netflix The bigger budget Hitchcock movie this year. The Armageddon to The Girl's Deep Impact. The Volcano to The Girl's Dante's Peak. The Capote to The Girl's Infamous (both starring Toby Jones!). You get my point.

I wound up liking this one a lot more. For one I much prefer Psycho to The Birds and the story of how it got made is much more interesting. For another I thought Anthony Hopkins' Hitch, while still occasionally dead-eyed and still doughy under all that make-up, was a more interesting and authentic portrayal of what I found the man to be via interviews and on-air footage. And thirdly, while this film still delves into Hitch's obsession with his leading ladies and paranoia surrounding his relationship with Alma, it ultimately resolves in a positive way. I feel like the story presented in The Girl is a little blip in Hitch's career and is less indicative of his whole life and career as the story told in this movie.

Plus it has some great casting. Ralph Macchio as Joseph Stefano, Michael Wincott as Ed Gein, James D'Arcy fucking knocks it out of the park with his Anthony Perkins. Scarlett Johansson is a tiny bit too recognizable as Janet Leigh although her performance is still solid and I see Leigh's mannerisms come through. Helen Mirren probably dips too far opposite Imelda Staunton in that she's really hot and fiery and although from what I've read Alma had the fire, she looked more like Staunton. But the sad truth is I'd rather watch Helen Mirren in a swimsuit than Imelda Staunton so... she wins. Both good actors though... ahem.

Anyway, I really loved seeing Psycho come together. I feel like these movies are only for movie lovers and pretty niche but I'm still glad they make them because stuff like this and that Citizen Kane movie with Live Schreiber and even that mediocre Nosferatu film with the great Willem Dafoe performance are all very watchable to me.

My favorite scene was right at the end as Hitch stood in the lobby listening to the crowd react to his shower scene. I really wanted a POV shot of the usher standing behind him getting to see this Hollywood luminary's private moment as he conducts the screams. How great would it have been to be that kid!?

Anyway, I'm not sure if it was that great to anyone who isn't a fan of Hitch (or doesn't even know who he is) but I really liked it.
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