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Title:   Hustle & Flow
Director:   Craig Brewer
Year:   2005
Genre:   Non-Musical Music Film
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   06.18.05

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Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
06.18.05Alamo Downtown Great. Fantastic. Superb. The story about a pimp who wants to become a rapper. It's better than it sounds. Even DJ Qualls wasn't too bad. Right off the bat it establishes itself as an exploitation flick, just by using that font and putting the title in like they do... but then the whole movie raises it up, never letting you feel like it's cheap or false. It even sets itself up for these traps then deftly defuses them, reminding you that these characters are real. The music in it's great and Terrence Howard really raps on his tracks. Hell, even Anthony Anderson's good in this and I was not liking him AT ALL on The Shield this season. It's a really surprisingly good film. Plus everyone in it was all sweaty all the time so it made me feel better because the Alamo had a private party beforehand and made us early birds wait outside in the heat until the party cleared out.

Yeah, another Alamo event. They had a freestyle rap contest beforehand that was... well it was what it was... Could've been worse, could've been better. A big white guy from Michigan or Minnesota or somewhere won. After that, Harry wheeled up and introduced John Singleton who said he tried to sell the script to all the studios, thinking that making over two hundred million with 2 Fast, 2 Furious might give him some juice and everyone passed so he threw some money in himself to get it made. After the movie, he showed maybe 10 minutes of his new movie 4 Brothers with Marky Mark trying to grow a beard (he gave Terrence Howard a part in that as well, but it looks like a supporting role (which Howard has been hitting out of the park for years)). Before the movie they showed a few classic Blaxploitation trailers: Black Belt Jones, Truck Turner and Superfly (some applause when Curtis Mayfield appeared. man, his guitar is sweet). After the movie there was a short Q&A where Singleton talked about how the tracks came together and about how now if he ever finds a project like this again, he wont bother with the studios he'll just make it himself, since after they made the movie and it got some praise all the studios had to come back and kiss his ass. Singleton seemed like a real film fan. He recognized the Superfly trailer in like less than a second and threw his arms in the air and shouted "yeah!" before Ron Moore even appeared. Oh, they also had the homestar puppet record a new "Be's quiet, shuts up, seriously" intro.

So yeah, chalk up another great Alamo/AICN event for a really great movie. I was surprised at how much it rocked ass.
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