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Title:   Spider Baby
Director:   Jack Hill
Year:   1968
Genre:   Horror
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   11.08.13

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11.08.13DVRThis Screening is part of event: DVRfest 2013
Well I fell asleep about half an hour into this so I finished it up as a matinee which is good because... well, it was pretty damn slow. This is one of those movies that's been in my blind spot, probably because it wasn't available on Netflix and I don't go to video stores anymore(feeling guilt from Rewind This).

I know Jack Hill from the Pam Grier stuff from the seventies so when I kept hearing how great Spider Baby was I kind of assumed it was some weird seventies oddity with no narrative. Instead I sat down to a Bava-esque baroque horror film about a family who's... nuts or something. There was still enough cleavage to connect this to films to come so it made some sense, but it was a completely different movie than what I had invented in my mind.

Pacing aside, I liked this. Lon Chaney Jr. was kind of terrible but everyone else was good. I especially liked the narrator for his happy go lucky attitude and goofy grin.

And now onto day 2 of the fest. I've now realized that I have a ton of documentaries on the list. Today brings a double feature of music docs then some other stuff whatever I have time for. First up though I'm trading HBO for Showtime and a doc about a certain street in Los Angeles. Join me as we take a ride down the...
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