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Title:   Spring Breakers
Director:   Harmony Korine
Year:   2012
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   11.09.13

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11.09.13NetflixThis Screening is part of event: DVRfest 2013
Spring Break... Spring Break Forever...

I think part of the reason why I've been so hesitant to actually sit down and watch this is because it was so insanely overhyped. When it played South By people freaked out... when it hit theaters people freaked out... and even when it came out on DVD I read tweets about people watching it on repeat and stuff. I've seen enough of his movies to know I'm not a huge Harmony Korine fan so I was kind of afraid I wouldn't like it as much as all my friends do.

So now I've seen it. I get that people like bikinis and guns and James Franco does give a crazy ass performance and the "look at my shit" scene is pretty hilarious... but it's still barely a movie right? Korine's indifference toward narrative is still pretty hard for me to take. The constant montage and repeating dialogue and languid pace really bugged me. I will say that anything involving the rival drug kingpin was hilarious. The scene where he's holding his baby and describing how it's starving because of the money being taken out of its mouth while sitting in a formal line-up of henchmen before a table literally heaping with marijuana was great, as was his commentary during intercourse. And you know... who doesn't like jiggling titties in slow motion set to dance music... the rest was a bit of an expected letdown. oh well.

So that's day two of DVRfest 9. Tomorrow I'll probably do stuff during the day but return for three or four to finish the fest out. Now it's 3:15 and I'm hittin the sack. bitchez.
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