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Title:   Elysium
Director:   Neill Blomkamp
Year:   2013
Genre:   Science Fiction
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   12.25.13

Other Movies Seen By This Director (2)
- Chappie
- District 9

Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
12.25.13Borrowed Merry Christmas!

I bought this for my dad with the secret ulterior motive to watch it myself. I liked District 9. I think Blomkamp really excels at making his worlds and effects look used and lived in. His design eye for firearms and machinery are great. The idea of an exoskeleton is awesome. The hell of automated bureaucracy is chilling. The concept of a space station for the rich is pretty cool. Unfortunately the story Is way too on the nose and there are several weird plot points including an end that in my opinion completely falls apart. I mean what the fuck... the idea that these rich people have machines that can cure any disease but they aren't shared with the rest of the earth is ridiculous in itself but to have fleets of medi-ships just hanging out in case someone one day decides to heal the world? And are kickass exoskeletons really so common in this dystopia that NO ONE gives a shit about Matt Damon having one? And there exists a weapon that shoots homing rockets out into space at a rate faster than transport ships but the richest guy in the world doesn't have any sort of automated defenses on his personal transport?

Anyway, I can keep nitpicking because the plot doesn't hold true to the world that they created, but I'll stop there. I found plenty to like in this but also a lot to groan about.
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