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Title:   Veronika Voss
Director:   Rainer Werner Fassbinder
Year:   1982
Genre:   Drama
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   02.05.14

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02.05.14Marchesa The second in AFS' "Jewels in the Wasteland" series of films from the early 80s picked by Rick Linklater. Not only had I not seen this before but I had no clue about anything about it and I haven't seen any Fassbinder movies before so I'm about as virginal as one can get for this screening.

So... honest reactions are as follows: I can tell that it's not a bad movie, but it also lost me about half way through and I wound up waiting for it to end. Keeping up with the subtitles I think made me lose a few threads and relationships so I wound up not really enjoying it. However, I can appreciate how dense and multi-layered it was and I think if I was a bigger fan of melodrama in general I'd be up for revisiting this to catch more, however I doubt I will do that.

Aside from the film itself though, I thought Linklater and Lars' conversation afterward was very interesting (they moved it out of the lobby into the theater and while it was not nearly as personal and intimate everybody could clearly hear everything and the people who felt like engaging didn't seem to have any problem doing so) and felt again like both an expert rumination on the film and a glimpse into Linklater's values as a filmmaker. Really at this point I've signed on for the whole series just for these conversations; the films are icing on the cake.

As a post script, I watched Wings of Desire maybe 10 years ago now. I remember not really liking it much, thinking it was a bit too artsy and loose. However for some reason my brain regularly revisits the scene where Peter Falk tries on hats for his character in the movie that they're making for the movie in the movie. I still have only watched that scene once, but for whatever reason it's been burned into memory for me and keeps popping up. There's no way for me to know if this film will do the same, or if it does which scene it will be, but I guess I'm trying to say that time will tell how I treat this film. There may be another entry above this one in a few years time with drastically different thoughts.
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