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Title:   Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III
Director:   Jeff Burr
Year:   1990
Genre:   Horror
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   03.28.14

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03.28.14InternetThis Screening is part of event: The Texas Chainsaw Marathon
I remember liking this entry in the series quite a bit when it hit my local video shelves. I feel like maybe it was better than a lot of the other horror movies I was renting at the time. In fact I feel like maybe I saw this before the original, although I have some fragmented memories of the second, maybe seen on cable at some point when I was younger than I should have been.

Watching it now, I do find it drags less than the second film. It's kind of a half reboot, half sequel that makes no canonical sense but whatever... at this point TCM means two and only two things: Leatherface, and crazy cannibal family. The trailer for this one had "Junior" having his chainsaw delivered unto him Lady-of-the-lake style. The chainsaw dominates the poster. The beginning titles involve an Elm Street-esque montage of Leatherface stitching together his mask. I also remember this being the time that they started offering "professional" Leatherface masks in the pages of Fangoria for some unbelievably rich (to a middle schooler) sum. At this point he's in the rogue's gallery right next to Michael Meyers and Jason Vorhees and Fred Krueger. I guess Pinhead too, right? Oh and don't forget whatshisname from Hatchet! LOL.

Anyway, Viggo didn't eat the blood from the fender like I remembered. It's interesting that Savini did the second one and KNB did the third. Those guys have dominated the horror make-up for decades now.

I'm all over the place with these notes. I guess I liked this ok. The family seems crazy for no reason and they seem more focused on hunting humans than anything else... actively predatory rather than tucked away on their own although I guess that's a natural progression from the last one.

Bring on the fourth... which I think it going to be the hardest to get through although again I have fond memories of seeing it when it first came out, thinking it was better than it should've been. We'll see!
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