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Title:   Sin Nombre
Director:   Cary Fukunaga
Year:   2009
Genre:   Crime
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   04.17.14

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04.17.14Netflix A long time ago I watched this show on IFC called "Film School" and it was about a group of NYU students making their senior films. It was a pretty great show and at times seemed staged or fake because the students fit certain archetypes so well. When it came time to start shooting, one guy got really upset because his whole first day of shooting was wasted by the DP trying to get one single perfect shot.

I'd heard Sin Nombre was great but for whatever reason had never gotten around to watching it. OK I know the reason; it's the same reason why I haven't watched Gomorrah yet: It takes more effort to watch a critically-acclaimed subtitled film which may be hard to follow and pretty long than a stupid English-language comic book movie or whatever. But when I saw that the guy who directed season one of True Detective also made this movie: I re-added it to my queue.

I could've sworn this was made by a native Mexican. It has the feel of a Cuaron or Innaritu or someone like that. Lots of hand-held, entirely Spanish-speaking, all on various beautiful locations that seem to span the countryside. Pretty ambitious stuff for a first feature from a dude born in Oakland who spent 8 hours trying to film a guy exiting a revolving door. He did it though. It's really good. I liked it quite a bit.
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