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Title:   Grown Ups 2
Director:   Dennis Dugan
Year:   2013
Genre:   Comedy
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   07.04.14

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Notes History
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07.04.14Netflix Well... was that even a movie? Wow. Sandler's made like 20 of these movies now... I guess people just like him no matter what? this felt like... I can't even...

ok, someone should do a marathon or series of movies where it's clear the actors are more interested in having a good time than making a movie. The Cannonball Runs, maybe throw Hatari in there, Monuments Men... and then 15 Adam Sandler movies... There would be a trio of awards given: Best Actual Movie, Most Fun on Screen, and Biggest Joke on Audience. I think this would be a strong contender for the third award. I feel like the reason why there were no jokes on the screen was because they were all being played on me during production.

Somewhere in the back of my mind, I recalled a tweet by Jarrette which went something like this: "Worst movie I saw this week: Grown Ups. Best movie I saw this week: Grown Ups 2." Well kudos, man. You got me on this one. I spent a good 20 minutes waiting for it to get good before realizing what was going on. Afterward, Molly asked me "All those people are funny in real life right? They were all there anyway, why didn't they make some jokes?" Yep. I mean they didn't even give Nick Swardson's character a name? And where was Rob Schneider? Did he demand too much like a story arc or something?

But you know... the handshake between the twilight kid and Milo Ventaglamigliano at least approached the theoretical concept of humor. I could at least tell that they were trying.

And what the fuck was up with that deer?

meh I give up.