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Title:   Free to Play
Director:   Valve
Year:   2014
Genre:   Documentary
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   07.10.14

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07.10.14Internet I listen to a gaming podcast called Idle Thumbs and one of those guys plays Dota 2 so he talks about it. often. Also, I'm continually interested in Valve and whatever the hell they do so I watched this movie a) to learn a tiny bit about what Dota is actually about because playing the tutorial did nothing for me, and b) see how Valve can make a movie. It's interesting that they never really claim any credit for any role (they list off all 300 or whatever employees in the credits) but for the most part it felt like a competent movie. There were a few tiny little things that rang sloppy (Most notably its 75-minute running time) to me but for the most part it's a pretty solid film. I liked how they interspersed Source Filmmaker animation to make the game action more immersive. Due to my specific wants mentioned above, I could have used like 3 more minutes explaining the game itself (like what the fuck is Mid and is it good or bad?) but whatever... I found this worth watching.
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