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Title:   Zero Charisma
Director:   Kate Graham, Andrew Matthews
Year:   2013
Genre:   Drama
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   07.19.14

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07.19.14Netflix spoilers ahead. If you haven't seen it, stop now. The gist is I didn't like it.

I feel like I'm supposed to like this by default because it's shot in Austin and they used Great Hall Games and I recognized Neil and David as extras and John Gholson has a part in it and it's co-produced by Zack Carlson... but I didn't. It looks like another shitty indie movie, the script is a mess, and I feel like it doesn't really develop or go anywhere. I wasn't rooting for anyone... which I guess is ok because nobody won or lost anything. I don't know... it's hard not to want to make this movie more formulaic, but there's a reason why so many characters hit bottom and learn humility and come out the other side as better people. There's a reason why despicable deadbeat moms get comeuppance in movies. There's a reason why we have protagonists and antagonists... I felt like this movie tread water in the middle of all of that but didn't want to be so unoriginal as to commit to any of it. I wish the main dude apologized to his friends at the end, I wish his friends saw how douchebag the hipster guy was, and I really wish they didn't all move to Flagstaff!? wtf. How about he gets his own damn place and hosts his game night more on a level playing field with John Gholson playing!? Maybe that would be too much... too wrapped-in-ribbon perfect, but was this movie trying to be at least partially a comedy? I couldn't tell.

anyways... wish it was better.

And oh.. note to self. if I ever take the leap and make a movie, either learn how to photograph and light or hire someone who does. Especially after watching Monsters, there is NO reason for this movie to look as crappy as it does. jesus.
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