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Title:   Idiocracy
Director:   Mike Judge
Year:   2006
Genre:   Comedy
Times Seen:   2
Last Seen:   08.16.14

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08.16.14Netflix Molly hadn't seen this and I think I haven't either since it came out. It's funny how much of the plot that I'd forgotten but how many of the little details that I remember. People are saying that more and more of this movie is true. I have to agree. About the little things, not the plot. The plot kind of makes this not a great movie but the details are so great. Poor us, right?
09.01.06Alamo South Lamar So, in order to beat the traffic, I went down and watched this early to put me downtown for the later double feature. I really wanted to see this though... couldn't believe how Fox treated it but was nonetheless to finally be able to sit down and watch it... I was pretty worried though. I'd heard that Fox took the movie away from Judge and recut it and that Judge hated it now and things like that... and with it residing in shelf limbo for so long there... there just had to be some reason.

I still don't know what that reason is... but oh well.

The movie... well... I liked it. I LOVE the idea... i generally hate stupid people so I was primed to laugh at them... I really like finally seeing movies shot in Austin that I recognize places in the movie from the locations rather than recognize places from seeing them in movies... and even saw a guy I know (San Antonio Kevin) as a featured extra role. (apprently Jarrette and Eric are also extras but I didn't see them). Generally the humor is funny and I laughed a few times... but to be completely hoenst I was hoping for a bit more. I wanted there to be more and perhaps a bit sharper. They kinda went the broad route for most of the gags... which is ok and I think the movie still works that way... I just found myself more amused by little touches like advertisements and background things more than the jokey joke-type jokes. It was also like the only thing that made this movie rated R was 3 extra "fucks."

I want to say again that I liked it though... I think maybe on repeat viewings now that I know what I'm watching, I might find more to laugh at... there is plenty to like though. I liked seeing Michael Bolton on screen again (even if his voice constantly reminded me of Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force), I liked that Maya Rudolph is always in short skirts and tight tops, I really loved all of the product devolved stuff... especially with the advertising.

It was pretty reminiscent of Mom and Dad Save the Universe... except with that movie they had a pretty easy out and I think one of the things Idiocracy suffers from is a forced climax and ending. With Mom and Dad, they get back to the Earth and everything's fine. With this one, the answer's not so easy so we wind up in a scene that really felt forced to me... some studio need to put the main characters in jeopardy just so they can save themselve and be ok in the end... in whatever capacity. Of course, I thought (and still kinda do) the third act in Office Space is by far the weakest... so maybe I just don't like Judge's endings, who knows. Someone at Fox probably knows... but i don't think he'd tell me.

So overall I give it an OK. I laughed a couple of times, found most of it pleasant enough, will watch it again to see how it grows, but upon initial viewing couldn't helpt but be a bit dissapointed.
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