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Title:   The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Director:   Marc Webb
Year:   2014
Genre:   Comic Book
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   10.18.14

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10.18.14Netflix This sucked right? Too long, too boring, too much retread with the whole parents thing (although Campbell Scott should act more), too much Gwen Stacy... the whole movie is an exercise in "too much." The only thing that they didn't have enough of was the one thing I wanted: Rhino.

A couple things here. When I was a kid going through my comic phase, Amazing Spider-Man was probably my favorite title to read. It was Todd McFarlane's height at Marvel (I think the first issue I bought was #301) and I remember it being that perfect "comic book" vibe of outstanding action, snarky humor, light vs. dark tone. For whatever reason this seems to be either impossible to adapt to film or as yet unachieved. Rhino makes much more sense to me as a muscle-bound dude in gray spandex. If Rhino's a Nolan-esque tank-on-feet then why is Spidey still in spandex? Why does Green Goblin look so gross?

Also... There are so many colorful villains in Spidey's world, why do we have to see Oscorp in every damn movie? I am so over origin stories... I want Mysterio with the swirling fishbowl and the green cape goddamn it.

And finally... I don't know if the Fox contract grabbed way more IP than the Sony one did or if it's just the setting but for whatever reason I don't mind the X-Men being an insular franchise but I really miss all the other NYC Marvel superheroes in this... or really I should say that I really miss Spidey in the Avengers and other Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. It's kind of off-putting to watch the stuff about how New Yorkers aren't used to a masked man swinging around New York when we all saw Loki destroy half the city a couple years ago. I know this is fanboy fantasy but I wish Disney and Sony could come to some deal to be a bit more inclusive rather than this feeling I have that Sony churns out these Spidey movies just to keep the rights.
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