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Title:   Frances Ha
Director:   Noah Baumbach
Year:   2012
Genre:   Drama
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   10.24.14

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Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
10.24.14Netflix Finally saw this. I can already tell that my feelings on this movie will probably evolve over the next few days so let me get my immediate reaction down here. I get the new wave homage thing, but I think Baumbach's work already verges on being too pretentious before the black and white photography and long shots of his girlfriend running through the streets so it's just too much.

By the end though I had softened on this and was along for the ride. Gerwig's great at being simultaneously uncomfortable and adorable. Her performance really reminds me of this girl I used to know... the same exact vibe of being energetic and fully embracing her own awkwardness. It's really endearing.

The parts of the film that I liked the most were the montage bits filled with random snippets of life. Liked those much more than the longer scenes.

So I suspect that I'll wind up liking this movie, but I definitely want to get that initial sour taste on my record... The first twenty or so minutes of this had me cringing.
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