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Title:   Horror of Dracula
Director:   Terence Fisher
Year:   1958
Genre:   Vampire
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   11.07.14

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Date Viewed Venue Note
11.07.14DVRThis Screening is part of event: DVRfest 2014
So at this point I think I can comfortably say that I've seen a lot of horror movies. And in the past ten years I've really covered a lot of bases in terms of subgenres that I wasn't really familiar with before moving to town. One subgenre that I still haven't touched however is the Hammer horror films.

That changes tonight with a double feature starting with this classic Christopher Lee Dracula movie! So... the thing I had always heard about the Hammer films was that they traded a lot of the literary source material for the blood and gore. That Christopher Lee's Dracula was brutal and animalistic and perhaps the scariest portrayal of the character. On the other hand, this movie came out in 1958 which is like a year after I Was A Teenage Werewolf and shit.

So I tried to keep that in mind while watching and yeah, compared to stuff like the Vincent Price Poe movies and stuff like that this did show more blood... but I think for me personally I am so familiar with the core Dracula story that I was bored by it. I kind of put it on par with the Vincent Price stuff... but really just a few years later we get Psycho and Peeping Tom, Black Sunday and Village of the Damned. Next to those this seems psychologically tame regardless of how much Technicolor red blood you have dribbling down your chin.
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