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Title:   Night Nurse
Director:   William A. Wellman
Year:   1931
Genre:   Drama
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   11.09.14

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11.09.14DVRThis Screening is part of event: DVRfest 2014
Kwaidan! Well, two minutes into Kwaidan I discovered that TCM's broadcast of the movie was in both letterbox and pillarbox... and that it was almost three hours long. So I swapped it out for this which was another movie that AFS played that I felt bad for missing. It was half as long as Kwaidan and I still fell asleep. I'm old!

Finishing it up this morning, I really liked this one. Some of the plot resolution is hurried and painfully convenient but it's also oddly brutal which I liked. This is a great example of a pre-Hayes code movie in that it contains some surprisingly risqu? moments like Stanwyck in her unmentionables and a pre-mustache Clark Gable beating up women. Plus casual mention of bootleggers and hospital practices date the film in a wonderfully nostalgic way. I guess back then bootleggers were a viable archetype because they were around and everybody saw them in their dapper suits!

And there's this unabashed hatred of ethics that goes on... I don't know if maybe the medical industry was pretty unreliable before the A.M.A. was formed (whenever it was formed) or what but these goddamned ethics really get Barbara down! She's unbelievably beautiful and sexy in this by the way. Ouch.

So this was great. I do with it were about fifteen minutes longer and had a real ending but whatever... not bad for an early talkie. Not bad at all!

Next up... I'm on the fence about watching Kwaidan like that or renting the criterion disc and that's the last movie on the DVR so I think I'll change formats and watch a movie that should make for an absolutely perfect Sunday matinee.
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