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Title:   Let It Be
Director:   Michael Lindsay-Hogg
Year:   1970
Genre:   Concert Film
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   11.09.14

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Date Viewed Venue Note
11.09.14InternetThis Screening is part of event: DVRfest 2014
I'm being a bit dramatic in my lead in but seriously... I thought this was the doc where it basically showed The Beatles break up. Snippy arguments and passive aggression and outright blow-ups and all that. Maybe there's a different cut or something because what I saw was a bunch of rehearsal and studio time followed by a few semi-music videos and the famous rooftop concert. I guess the stories from that period are so famous that they've melded with the film itself? Or maybe the subtle looks and silences between cuts tell a different story and I didn't see it because I watched a bootleg copy that wasn't the best quality? Who knows. I was surprised. It's like 96% performance anyway...

It was really good to finally watch this. I got into the Beatles very late and I think I've had this on my computer since the discs were re-released and the Rock Band game came out a few years ago. Even though this is the end of their professional relationship they can still play, man. The rooftop footage is just great.

It's already 3:30 so there's no way I'm making it through the next one but I want to start it just to make the triple feature official. The Alamo used to play this every year around Christmas time and I've never seen it even though I loved their show as a kid. Time to hit the DVD shelf and pull down...
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