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Title:   Inside
Director:   Alexandre Bustillo, Julien Maury
Year:   2007
Genre:   Horror
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   11.10.14

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11.10.14InternetThis Screening is part of event: DVRfest 2014
So this French horror movie is about a pregnant lady being terrorized by this other lady who wants that baby. For most of this movie I was hoping against some psychological twist toward the end. With stuff like Martyrs and Haute Tension I guess I've come to think of French horror movies as having to have something weird about them. While the realism in this movie did break down in the end I was happy that she wasn't fighting herself or some bullshit like that.

But still... the one cop with the nightstick really ruined it for me. Everything else I bought with movie-logic but that was too much.

Aside from that though, I liked this one a lot. The make-up effects were great, the performances were nice, and they almost used enough blood.

And... now for the final film of the fest. This next one played a South By I didn't attend but heard about the minute it was over and felt bad for missing the screening immediately. I heard enough about it to download as soon as it was available but it's been sitting on my hard drive unwatched for several years now. I can think of no better way to end the fest. So for my International Thriller night I started off in Australia then went to France and now I will end the evening in Serbia.
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