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Title:   Fallen
Director:   Gregory Hoblit
Year:   1998
Genre:   Thriller
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   01.20.15

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Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
01.20.15Internet I always considered movies like Ricochet, Virtuosity, and this to be "early Denzel" but really Philadelphia (which I consider the dividing line between "early Denzel" and "prime Denzel") was 93 so really this is deep in the heart of "prime Denzel" territory (Training Day was only 3 years after this, bringing in "modern Denzel"). This astounds me. I could've sworn seeing this within a year or two of Ricochet (which was 91) but 98 means I was in college. 98 means right after (or before) shooting this John Goodman cut his hair for The Big Lebowski. That just doesn't computer for me...

Anyhow, I remembered this being a solid thriller. For whatever reason this and The Hidden stuck in my mind as being good but really I think I just like the idea that a killer can move between host bodies. Hey what do you know, I also like The Thing!

So even though there's Beck music on the soundtrack and it seems 6 years too late in my memory, I still enjoyed this rewatch. James Gandolfini (in a terrible mustache) and Aida Turturro have supporting roles (which I would say it was cool to see them before they became notable to me but holy shit The Sopranos starts the next year so whatever) and I didn't realize the killer at the beginning was Elias Koteas and there are plenty of really 90s things going on with the typography and wardrobe and whatnot.
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