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Title:   Batman: The Movie
Director:   Leslie H. Martinson
Year:   1966
Genre:   Comic Book
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   02.03.15

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02.03.15DVD I bought the blu ray set of the series because I really loved the show as a kid. I remember one summer in the late 80s where it was in syndication and they showed two episodes twice a nice so I got fairly obsessed and watched every episode (save one, which I fell asleep through!). I even had a running list of "Holy"s that I added to every episode until my mom got me the official bat-book which had a printed list in the back. So it's been quite fun to go back and watch the series again now and I'm showing Molly since she's never seen them. Anyway we just finished the first season so we watched this before starting the second season to stay true to chronology. As such, this note will kind of be equal parts show and movie.

I will say there are some notable differences with the movie. The intro for one with these super-saturated spotlights for each actor rather than the animated credits sequence of the show. They also never play the main riff from the show... My dvd is from Fox and my show blus are Warners so if those were the rights holders back then then that might explain it although they used the same sets and all the same cast and same producer so who knows. There's also less on-screen fight graphics (you know, the ZZZAM! and BIFF!) and when the movie does use them they don't take up the whole screen. My hunch is that they thought the movie would be on the big screen so viewers could read the words easier... although not having the words take up the whole screen kind of shows how sloppy the choreography is.

But whatever, you certainly don't watch this movie for the amazing fight choreography. It's still a ton of fun. I think Adam West is my favorite Bruce Wayne. The scene where he's on a date sipping milk from a brandy snifter is hilarious to me. You'd never see George Clooney pulling that off.

You'd think Cesar Romero would shave his mustache for the movie though. I mean I can see if you're working 3 or 4 days a month on the show and nobody's gonna notice anyhow who cares... but for the movie!?

So this was great fun. I'm having a blast re-watching this stuff.
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