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Title:   The Wild Life
Director:   Art Linson
Year:   1984
Genre:   Teen Comedy
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   04.11.15

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04.11.15Sudden Valley AmphitheaterThis Screening is part of event: 24HMM #22
The fourth and last movie that I watched at George's house was The Wild Life, which I've been wanting to see for a real long time. I knew of it as Cameron Crowe's first produced script but had no idea who starred or what it was about. The gist I got from it was that it's a blueprint for Fast Times at Ridgemont High. It's a little looser in scope, the character threads don't quite connect like they do in Fast Times, but the slice of life format and the voice is very similar. It's kind of like if Fast Times was a single, this would be the B-side. I also got a strong Boogie Nights vibe from it just because of the time and place and Robert Ridgely in a small role.

So the cast is chock full of young stars. Eric Stolz, Leah Thompson (oh man...) Chris Penn (not fat, bleach blonde hair), Rick Moranis, the other kid from Weird Science, the other cop from Jackie Brown, small appearances by Ben Stein, Lee Ving, Sherilyn Fenn, Randy Quaid, Dean Devlin, Ron Wood, and Nancy Wilson (Crowe also has a cameo but I didn't spot him). Score by Edward Van Halen. Again some serious firepower in this.

It was pretty fun. I started to get tired about halfway through which is unfortunate. Like The Wanderers, the plot might have been too loose for anyone to pay serious attention to it but as a slice of life movie, hanging out with these wacky kids and listening to music, it was pretty good. I'm really glad I finally got a chance to see this and in a great venue to boot.

After that I excused myself and came home to my bed. Those other dudes had seen 4 movies before I got there and had 4 more lined up when I left (I really wanted to see the next movie on the schedule - Yeti: The 20th Century Giant - but that would've put me home at 6am and I probably would've slept through most of it. Still, I had a great time for the third that I sat in for and appreciated everyone being so friendly. Good times.
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