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Title:   The Seven Five
Director:   Tiller Russell
Year:   2014
Genre:   Documentary
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   05.28.15

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05.28.15Internet Rounding out a great double feature, this doc focuses on a group of cops from one precinct in Brooklyn during the worst part of the 80s. People saying there's a lot of Scorsese here but I kept thinking of The Shield as I watched this. It's like Shawn Ryan studied this story and used it as a blueprint for Chiklis and his actors. Almost everything they did on that show was recounted as reality here. It might be a familiar story these days to hear about corrupt cops taking bribes but for me to hear about it from the cops themselves is really interesting. And holy shit the interview these guys got with Dominican drug lord Adam Diaz... wow.

Maybe it's because I just watched that other doc but I do feel like this doesn't do enough to contextualize the time and place that these cops were in. Just how bad conditions were. I also feel like the widespread nature of the corruption was skimmed over in favor of focusing on these core two to four guys. I'm pretty interested to learn about what the Captain of the 75 was up to along with everyone else. I guess the film can't be four hours long but still... As a whole I thought this was really good.
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