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Title:   Jurassic World
Director:   Colin Trevorrow
Year:   2015
Genre:   Action
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   07.11.15

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07.11.15Internet Well... What do I think about this one. I think this is the first JP movie not to lift anything from the first book. Parts of it I really like... basically seeing the fantasy of the original idea - a working tourist attraction with living dinosaurs - was a joy. The actual action of it... That was kind of meh. And... ok spoilers now. Spoilers!

So... Indomitus Rex (or however you spell it), the trained raptors, the chaos and whatnot... It kind of makes you wonder why, after the events of the first three movies, they'd choose to make more carnivores. I guess people want to see the dangerous ones, but I got the sense that the raptors were only there for whatever weird intelligence study was going on. Mostly I really didn't like that they somehow turned the raptors and t-rex into "good guys" like they are heroes or something. Just like how I got the sense that the Spinosaurus from the third movie killing the T-Rex right off the bat was a message to the audience that this guy is even worse, now I get the sense that having the familiar species from the old movies turn on the new one is like oooh this new one is SO BAD that even the bad guys from previous films are good comparatively! Didn't sit right with me... felt hokey.

But like I said... all the park stuff I liked. The spheres and water show and different enclosures that we get to see were all great design-wise. Man... wouldn't it be awesome once VR gets in consumer hands to be able to create a virtual theme park and be able to go walk around in it? I'd love to "go" to a completed Jurassic Park... although I guess I could just play that Carnivores game in VR and get a similar vibe. anyway...
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