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Title:   In Search of the Ultra-Sex
Director:   Nicolas Charlet, Bruno Lavaine
Year:   2015
Genre:   Comedy
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   09.25.15

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Date Viewed Venue Note
09.25.15Alamo South LamarThis Screening is part of event: FantasticFest 2015
This was a French movie made up of old porn clips that were re-dubbed to make a silly story about how everyone on earth is taken by some sex craze that makes everybody fuck. In full candor, I was fighting sleep for the whole thing. So what I suspect was a pretty loose story to begin with loosened up even more with me dozing off a nodding out every few minutes.

The stuff I liked about it was that they made some references which clearly make it a contemporary movie like Dancing with the Stars and Daft Punk, but you're still watching gross 70s and 80s porn actors with their hair and high-waisted underwear and natural bushes. (there were a lot of dongs but nothing erect which I guess makes this art instead of porn (or would this be considered X? (what constitutes XX anyway?))).

The other thing that I liked about this was when the guy over-dubbing everything would comment or make fun of the actual clip and incorporate that into the story, saying stuff like "then the matrix numbers effect but not as good," or "invaders from planet Wig" when there were a bunch of dudes with poofy blonde wigs on.

For the most part though, it was silly nonsense and it felt like it went on too much (which is rough since it was only an hour). There were two shorts that preceded it. One, Fuck Buddies, was ok but the girl in it was hot enough to make it like... halfway effective. The other one was directed by Bryan Poyser and it was pretty funny... about a teacher who mistakes his xanax bottle with viagara.

Man, I'm beat. Bed now.
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