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Director:   Owen Egerton
Year:   2015
Genre:   Thriller
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   09.26.15

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09.26.15Alamo South LamarThis Screening is part of event: FantasticFest 2015
Local favorite Owen's movie about a crazy girl and her unfortunate boyfriend. For a movie of this type (which I feel like I've seen several although none are coming to mind), I thought this was really solid. Unfortunately, it's also not my favorite genre so it kind of evened out to being pretty good for me. I do think it was very well made and it certainly kept me engaged, but the whole hide-the-body thing is not my favorite.

So, I had intended to see Baskin for the midnight, but they moved up the starting time and my brain was too busy being exploded by the band Itchy-O to care about seeing anything.

For real. The Itchy-O marching band from hell/Denver... was amazing. I feel like there might have been just as many band members in the crowd as festival-goers, but having half the band walking among the crowd is a stroke of genius. It was creepy and bizarre and surprising and fun in oscillating intervals. The tiny women in black sheets writhing on the ground were the creepiest, although there were so many absurd moments in that 90 minutes of performance:

-seeing Noah get locked in a head trance with one of the dudes,
-when both the tiny women curled up against each of this one guy's legs and everyone was taking pics of him but he was just standing there scratching his chin
-the random guy trying to follow behind the dude with the gigantic bullhorn speaker strapped to his back, flinching and leaning back every time the speaker shrieked out noise (which was often)
-A similar dude standing right in front of Micah then blasting a sample of an elephant roar right in his face
-the crazy ass chinese dragon getting so close that i could see the eyelashes on the blinking lids as it tried to munch on a girl's chest
-watching this big guy jump back in terror as one of the tiny women in the black shrouds sprung forward at him and started coo-ing into his ear while rubbing on his belly
-Randomly looking behind me and seeing both tiny women writhing on the floor together, one of them going into a headstand for like a minute and a half.
-watching the crazy speaker dudes sneak up behind people and invade their personal space
-Watching a space blanket get torn to shreds above the seething mass of bodies in front of the stage.
-seeing one of the band members get propped up and crowd surf. This was in THE HIGHBALL!
-The demonic procession of flags and eerie drones that starting the whole thing off
-the Mad Max-esque dude on the giant tricycle riding through the crowd with speakers rigged up behind him.

Seriously, it was insane. I've never been to a Skinny Puppy show but this is kind of how I picture one of those going back in their heyday. I was seriously impressed.

Of course now I have to figure out how to go to sleep...
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