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Title:   Rize
Director:   David LaChapelle
Year:   2005
Genre:   Documentary
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   07.14.05

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Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
07.14.05Landmark Dobie So the kids basically go spastic and call it dancing. Seriously though, there's not a lot of
"discipline" which most other dance forms applaud but this is more passionate, feral, freeform outburst of aggression that I got a feeling was really special about five years ago. Now it's already huge in the hood and already being exploited by hollywood (Be Cool comes to mind, Travolta and Uma standing there sort of afraid and not really knowing why these kids are in their movie).

The people subjected in this doc though have real personalities and LaChapelle does a good job in extracting their passion and the positivity that this whole thing is brining to south central LA. Of course, me mr. white boy can only think about the time i saw Boyz n da hood and all the time spent playing GTA San Andreas when i try to empathize, but you know... that's like everyone who's seeing this movie.
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