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Title:   Bone Tomahawk
Director:   S. Craig Zahler
Year:   2015
Genre:   Western
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   10.01.15

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10.01.15Alamo South LamarThis Screening is part of event: FantasticFest 2015
Which brings me to the closing night film which is a horror western starring Kurt Russell, Patrick Wilson, Richard Jenkins, and Matthew Fox as a posse looking for troglodytes that stole Wilson's wife. Unfortunately, Russell couldn't be here due to some injury (he's still cool in my book), but the other three were along with the director and some producers and whatnot.

The movie was a lot better than I expected it to be (in that it was good and not crap). It looks and feels like a viable western except it has crazy cave-dwelling savages with self-mutilation make-up and lots and lots of practical gore and violence. One scene in particular (alluded to in the horror game Amnesia: The Dark Descent but seen in full here (wherein the person is held up by their feet and split down the middle)) is great fun. Also lots of lopped off bits and pieces.

I don't know why, but I didn't expect the title to refer to an actual tomahawk made from bone. I thought it was some euphemism or metaphor or just two cool-sounding words put together, not a literal item featured in the film.

Richard Jenkins is great. He's just as funny during the Q&A as he was in the film. And actually Patrick Wilson was also very personable.

My one regret is that I saved a seat for Kier-la who never showed up so in the end some random dude ended up bugging me about the seat until we let him sit down. Oh well.

Anyway, afterward, Daniel offered to drive Grant and I out to the closing night party which was held in Star Hill Ranch out off of 71. The ranch has a kind of western-themed street with maybe a dozen olden-looking buildings in a row. The Alamo, who did a screening of Serenity there the other night, set up camp, converting most of the buildings to a party atmosphere. The church played demonic DVDs on a projector, several larger buildings housed bars (along with the saloon of course), there was a mechanical bull and bb gun shooting range set up, along with a tattoo parlor for those that won the tattoo lottery and some brisket bbq in a long-ass line. The food went pretty quick.

We hung around a bit. I don't think any of us are really much for parties. We did see Tim League get up and announce the audience awards while they passed around cascarones (confetti-filled eggs). He said that when he announced the winner everyone should slam the eggs on each other's heads. Since mine was already leaking flour all over my hand and shirt I elected to distance myself from the fray and discard my egg, but several poor dressed-to-party ladies wound up with flour-white hairdos thanks to Tim's prank. He said he thought it would be a good idea and make everyone look like the trogs from Bone Tomahawk. He got pelted.

After that we drove back to the South Lamar garage where we split up and headed home. Thus endeth my Eleventh Fantastic Fest.

Recapping a bit, I wound up hanging out almost exclusively with Daniel Kerr, Chris Popkoff, Grant Peterson, George Hickman, and Justin Lincoln which made it a lot of fun The facebook group chat that we were all in let us comment and share schedules which made getting decent seats at most screenings a breeze. Victor and Mark didn't make it, Jarrette was out of town, I saw Eric and Aaron briefly but never really hung out, and of course got my annual dose of Kayla.

My top 5 (in no order because honestly they're all tied for first):

-The Witch
-Green Room
-Man vs. Snake
-Dangerous Men
-Itchy-O (I know it's not a movie. shut up they were great)

My bottom 5:

1. Darling (intolerable)
2. Ruined Heart (at least there was music)
3. Zoom (saved by its last five minutes)
4. Camino (meh)
5. River (he MURDERED a guy!)
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