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Title:   It Follows
Director:   David Robert Mitchell
Year:   2014
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   11.08.15

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- Under the Silver Lake

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11.08.15InternetThis Screening is part of event: DVRfest 2015
Finally saw this! I really liked it! It had an original premise, subdued and effective execution, and great atmosphere. The main girl's performance bugged me a tiny bit but I suspect her vacancy is a tonal choice since everything about the movie was trying to be muted and creeping rather than quick and actiony. The abundance of circling pans showing the surroundings and making you think anyone walking in the background could be "it" following, the really great soundtrack with its pads and synths washing over you and building up deep bassy drones that release in uneasy silence, they both fit with the lead's vacant stares.

I get that Cliff Martinez's synth stuff is kind of driving a trend right now and I was originally kind of put off by the soundtrack choice but as the film went on I really came to like it. I looked him up afterward and found out that he didn the soundtrack to a video game called Fez, which completely makes sense because both soundtracks are great in an elevated chiptune sort of way.

And also shooting in Detroit. That's like free atmosphere these days.

So yeah, this was really effective. I loved the actor choices for the actual followers. The tall guy was probably the creepiest? or maybe the peeing pross? Dunno. Good job though. Yay I wasn't disappointed! I'm so glad!

So this is a great movie to end the fest on. Gotta say, for a year that kind of whipped together impromptu style I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out. It's always fun to set aside the weekend like this and fall down the movie hole for a while. I wish it could keep going but alas tomorrow is Monday and it's almost time to make the donuts.

So let's run down some stats for the year. 10 in the past week (1.43 daily average), 17 in the past month (0.57 daily average), 176 in the past year (0.48 daily average), and 2866 since this site started (0.71 daily average). It's best not to think about what those numbers were like 7, 8 years ago... but they are what they are.
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