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Title:   San Andreas
Director:   Brad Peyton
Year:   2015
Genre:   Disaster
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   12.06.15

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Date Viewed Venue Note
12.06.15Internet I'm playing lots of Fallout 4 these days so I'm in a disaster kind of mood. This was barely ok. To be honest, I found Alexandria Daddario's breasts to be distracting. I buy that she could come from Carla Gugino's DNA but damn... how is The Rock not struggling with awkward thoughts!?

Anyway, like I said, barely ok. I get that they were showing the strongest earthquakes ever recorded but jesus you'd think that California builders didn't know earthquakes were a thing. The "newest, strongest" building ever somehow collapses after it's half-way submerged? Maybe there's some heady physics that I don't understand that explains this but for the most part it feels pretty false. Like how a helicopter has enough fuel to fly halfway up the third biggest state in the country. shrug. I mean I know i'm not supposed to be thinking during this CG fest but... you know... maybe a tiny bit of logistics wouldn't hurt?
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