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Title:   Hail, Caesar!
Director:   Joel Coen, Ethan Coen
Year:   2016
Genre:   Movie About Movies
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   07.04.16

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- The Ladykillers

Notes History
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07.04.16Internet Coens' latest, an ode to classic hollywood... I feel like it was a better script than movie. I dunno... it's just one of those things where all the individual elements are fine and good but the finished product is less than the sum of its parts for me. Maybe it's the way that the story resolves, maybe it's the thing where there are so many parts that no one other than Josh Brolin really gets to dig in. Maybe it's that they are playing with such well-known characters... Barton Fink's version of 30s Hollywood was much more mundane and interesting to me than this one. And what was up with Frances mcDormand getting choked? Anyway, in some ways this was warm and comfortable and scratched that fantasy Hollywood itch, but in others it left me wanting and didn't quite add up.
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